Create a Better Case Study From Scratch. Easily.

Case studies help you sell, and companies like yours can't have enough. But—unless you know the right approach—they’re awful to write.

What’s the right client to focus on? How do you get them to participate? And how do you even begin writing?

I get it. It sucks.

That’s why I wrote Zero to Case Study to help you through the process of writing a case study.

From before you pick your client to the day it’s published, Zero to Case Study walks you through everything you need to know.

Follow along with this proven method and you’ll be able to piece together an excellent case study in just a few hours.

What’s Inside

Inside Zero to Case Study is an in-depth breakdown of each step needed to write a case study that converts, builds trust and puts money in your pocket.

Here's what's inside:

► Actionable tips on how to pick the right client (it’s not who you think it is!)
► Expert advice on getting the right responses from your source
► Crucial info on the right tone of voice to resonate with your audience
► Clever ideas on honing your case study through careful editing
And so much more!

Plus, you’ll get actionable worksheets, email templates and other tools designed to take you from zero to case study—fast.

What You’ll Walk Away With

Follow through with the steps outlined in Zero to Case Study and you’ll walk away with:

► A narrative-driven case study your customers won’t say “no” to
► Candid insight from your key clients about your business—what works and what doesn’t
► A recorded interview with your customer that you can reference time and again
► A happy customer that got free press from helping you out with your case study

Thrilled clients, ravenous prospects and more money. What’s not to like?

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